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Family Child Care Homes of RI, Inc.

Presidents Message

Dear Members,

I am so looking forward to this year as we continue to provide quality child care to the children and families in our communities and grow not only in our businesses but in all aspects of our lives.   

As FCCHRI, Inc. approaches 40 years of supporting its members, we as an Association continue to grow and change.  In our quest to keep pace with the ever changing needs of our members, we have made some progressive changes to the monthly calendar and are now offering networking sessions before each meeting. Meeting with fellow child care Professionals is an essential part of belonging to our Association.  There is nothing better than meeting with fellow Family Child Care Providers who have the passion and understanding of educating children through sharing their extensive knowledge.  

We remain dedicated to inspiring children to reach their full potential; through supporting our family child care providers, facilitating networking, raising awareness, encouraging professionalism and advocating at a state and local level to improve the quality of family child care.

Since I became President in 2014, I have grown and learned many things that have helped me be a better leader, business owner, and educator.  

  • I have learned to manage my time between my business, home, and the Association.
  • I have learned that there is a lot to leading an Association but I did not have to know everything before stepping into a leadership role.
  • I have learned that there are passionate members of this Association that are always willing to give their help and support.  
  • I know that we are all child care educators and we are stronger as a team.  
  • I have learned that change can be uncomfortable but also rewarding.


There is great wisdom in the conventional saying, “You won’t know unless you try.” Countless opportunities appear in a lifetime, but without a willingness to try new things, those experiences will be left undiscovered.

When I challenge myself to try something new, I discover adventures, communities, foods, or interests I wouldn’t have ever known. Deep joy may result from my willingness to do something unfamiliar. Even if I decide that what I’ve tried is not for me, I gain experience and knowledge in the process of expanding beyond my usual activities.  

So, with this in mind, please give FCCHRI, Inc a chance by being "WILLING" to be more active. Please talk to me or any one of our more familiar members and take a chance!

United we are a powerful voice!

Looking forward to seeing you in September,

Donna Chartier



Family Child Homes of Rhode Island, Inc. is a statewide non-profit professional organization for licensed family child  care providers, parents, and advocates of high quality care for children.  


Membership Benefits

FCCHRI, Inc. is a greatly respected family child care association in Rhode Island. Over the years we have built and maintained partnerships with child advocacy groups, state agencies and legislators, giving our members a voice in all facets of issues relating to family child care and the children in their care. FCCHRI, through their partnerships, is an association that is consistently asked to provide input regarding regulatory review and changes.

With membership in your local family child care association, you are being represented through some of the following committees:

  • The Early Learning Council
  • The Early Learning Council Workgroup
  • The Permanent Legislative Commission on Childcare in RI

As Family Child Care Providers, we raise the level of professionalism by being advocates for all children. We do this through membership in local, state, and national associations, networking and mentoring with other professionals, training, and affiliate memberships with child advocacy agencies.


Membership Information

 Click here to download form

  • Individual Annual Membership ....$55.00

Your Tax Deduction Entitles you to:

  • Provider Referral Service
  • Use of the RI Recycle Center
  • 14 hours of Educational and Professional Development Training at our Association Meetings (approved by Center for Early Learning Professionals)
  • Open monthly board and Association Meetings
  • Resources and Referrals for Liability Insurance
  • Information about funding Sources, Scholarships, Teach Grants, BrightStars, and Association Programs for professional growth in Early Childhood Education.
  • Legislative support at the State Level.
  • Most importantly, we are a statewide network of Child Care Providers willing to support your questions and suggestions.  
  • Discounted rates on Radon testing and lead inspections


 "Board Members Request"

We invite each member of FCCHRI to come join our Board.  With the new DCYF regulations coming into effect in the near future, DHS reimbursement rates being tied to the BrightStars rating system along with the requirement of participating in a professional organization for a 3 star and above rating this Association is a very important component for all of us.  We offer monthly trainings and a yearly conference that are approved by the Center for Professional Development, yearly CPR and First Aid  certification, discounted Radon testing and membership to Rhode Recycling Center.  This is all planned and implemented by a group of providers working as a team. 


Therefore we are in need of our members to join this team.  The positions of Web Master, Corresponding Secretary, and Vice President are vacant.  Anyone whom is interested in learning more about any of these positions please contact Donna Chartier, President at litldaycare@msn.com.  Remember, we are all in this together. 


To request a Fire Inspection go to https://rhodeisland.viewpointcloud.com