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Location: Warwick Police Station (except where notated with a location change)

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All trainings approved by The Center for Early Learning Professionals.

Events by year:  2017, 2018


Events 2017

Friday September 15, 2017

The Power of Stories:  Promoting Language, Literacy and Love for Music

 Presented By Katherine Schneider and Connie Lepine

Music and literacy go hand in hand! During this workshop, participants will learn about combining literature and follow-up activities to promote literacy skills, content knowledge and social-emotional strengths,  integrating music and movement in an early childhood program. This is a hands-on workshop  using children's books in musical and dramatic activities, and how to incorporate  music with literacy skills in books. Workshop presented by Kathie and Connie, childcare educators.  (2 PD hours.)



Friday November 17, 2017

No Senseless Behavior

Presented By Jeanie Fitzgerald

Challenging behaviors are not just a reflection of some emotional or social disturbance in a child. They are a symptom of an unsolved problem, often related to unmet needs or a lack of skills and resources. Therefore, we must focus on what a child needs, instead of what an adult or system demands. It is time we move beyond tradition to see challenging behavior as an opportunity to teach alternative ways to get authentic needs met. This session helps us do just that. (2 PD hours.)


*December 2017

Holiday Celebration




Events 2018

Friday February 16, 2018

Discovering the Physical World through Objects that Move

Presented By Heather Webster

We will explore the world of physical science, using ramps and things that roll. We will discuss how to create developmentally appropriate activities and opportunities for all children, in various locations around your program. We will also discuss how you can make observations and collect formative assessment, when playing with the children in your care around the Science Component, "Knowledge of Science Concepts", to then support the children and adjust your teaching to scaffold them to the next level. (2 PD hours.)



* Saturday April 7 , 2018


Warwick Police Station

6 Hours of professional development, lunch and opportunity to network with other Child Care professionals.

Workshop A from 7:45 - 9:45 am  

"Working through Anxiety with Children”

A workshop on anxiety and helping children with increased anxiousness that may lead to tough behaviors AND how to support them

 Workshop B from 9:45-11:45 am 

"Taking Care of Ourselves: Stress and Time Management"

Self care is so very important, especially for those working with children and families. This workshop is designed to offer staff tools and techniques needed to maintain sanity and foster a continued love for the work we do, even when we feel it will never be quiet again!

Workshop C from 12:30- 2:30 pm 

"Drawing STEM Out of the Shadows and into the Light: No More Need to Be Afraid!"

Is math or science daunting for you? What is STEM and how can early childhood professionals practice STEM activities every day, and make it fascinating? This training will help teachers expand children’s knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, to learn how these concepts can easily be embedded into all learning domains. Engaging children in opportunities to develop scientific concepts can promote a lifelong interest in the world around them, and build a strong foundation for school readiness skills. Preschoolers and Kindergartners are full of natural curiosity and wonder: about what things are called, and how they work. During this workshop, participants will explore the concept of shadows with hands-on learning opportunities that illustrate STEM teaching at its best. The group will brainstorm ways to incorporate similar activities into their own classroom environments. STEM might sound overwhelming or scary to some teachers at first, but we aim to debunk that myth by the time you walk out the door. Step into the light! STEM is brilliant fun!!!!!!

Register by March 24th

FCCHRI Members $50.00

Non Members $60.00

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Friday May 4, 2018

Bullies and Victims: How do we help them?

 Presented By Katherine Begin

This workshop is designed to give participants critical information about bullying behavior, indicators, consequences, and age appropriate adapted intervention strategies for use in the classroom and for mentoring parents of preschool aged children. Bullying prevention begins in the early years. (2 PD hours.)


*We may need to substitute training for reasons beyond our control.

*Additional fee required

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Warwick Police Station:

99 Veterans Memorial Drive, Warwick, RI Phone: 401-468-4200

Take route 95 to Exit 12A, 113 East. Bear right onto Route 5 South. You will pass Crowne Plaza on your right. Continue for .7 of a mile. You will take a left on Bragger Street .The Warwick Police Station is at the end of Bragger Street. Building on your left. Parking lot on your right. Our meeting room is the first room on the left after entering the building.